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About Cronus Corporation

Marketing Services

Marketing technology is as important to your business as it is complex. Staying in front of your competition requires both company wide focus and in house knowledge base. It's just as critical to partner with the right vendors. That vendor is Cronus Corporation. We work with some of the most respected solution providers as well as emerging tech innovators. This allows us to provide the most realistic integrated marketing services customized to your specific needs. These services include:

·       Activations   

·       Event Marketing

·       Predictive Analytics

·       ROI Management 

·       Sponsorship affiliation

·       Social Media Marketing

·       Web Marketing  

·       Web Harvesting  




Cronus Corporation is: 

·       Over 40 yrs of combined marketing experience

·       A registered Android Developer

·       A premiere tech services reseller

·       Proven Solutions Provider

·       A creative brain trust

Branded Merchandise

Branded Merchandise

Whether you're a Fortune 500 Company, are promoting an event or have brick & mortar locations; at some point you need factory direct branded merchandise. And most of the time you need it everywhere...Now! You could go with vendors who don’t have integrated marketing services, ISO manufacturing capabilities  and over 40 yrs of experience or you can call Cronus Corporation.


When it comes to branded merchandise Cronus Corp is a registered SAGE/PPAI global supplier. We’re also a Value Added Reseller for one of the world largest textile manufacturers. That gives us factory direct access to over 750,000 line items of merchandise and apparel 24 hours a day. And the capability to manufacture and distribute global supply orders exactly how you need them....perfectly!



Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment services are taken to the next level with our proprietary Digi-DNA integrated information and inventory tracking applications. Working with Cronus Corporation means better pricing, better products, intelligent import/export services and all the benefits of a full service major brand marketing company including sponsorship.

With offices in Charleston, SC, Hollywood, CA and Ningbo, China; Cronus Corp is more than your most competitively priced vendor, we’re also among the most knowledgeable.   

Support services:

Global Sourcing

Graphic Design

Creative Services Dept.

Secure Web based Order-tracking Site

Global JIT (Just in time)

Fully Customizable Reporting

VAR - Value Added Reseller support








The Cronus History

You may know Cronus as the leader and youngest of the first generation of titans. Today, We’re a group of leading edge creatives and nerd titans that help you make your marketing efforts more creatively and technically awesome!

Marketing 101

Our products and services are the stuff of legends are made of. We help you exceed your ROI requirements while better interacting with and understanding your customers. Need to improve how and what high value data you collect? Are you looking for sponsors and advertisers for your event or team? Is it time to up your online marketing game to include world domination?

The Model

We consume marketing metrics like granola and trail mix. We also partner with some of the largest tech titans and brands. Together we think, tirelessly research, pour over data and prolifically create awesome greatness. The result is your constantly growing event, brand and company.


Cronus Corporation, we’re just that good.

Products and Services 

Target marketing
Predictive Analytics
Event advertising placement
Event sponsorship placement
Branded apparel and merchandise
RFID development and integration
Distribution and fulfillment services
Marketing and Media reseller services 
  • Locations: 

    Hollywood, CA United States
    Charleston, South Carolina United States
    Ningbo, China
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